Christoph Gerber


The Pinarlık site (holm-oak forest) is located on the precipitous rocky southern slope of the Latmos Mountains in the Yediler district (1). The finds made there indicate a prehistoric use of the site. Among the special finds are tools made of meta-bauxite (metamorphic bauxite). This is a very hard rock which can be worked like flint. The most impressive tools are axe-shaped cutters (2). Apart from the items with a polished surface, there are also unfinished products which have not yet been ground (3). A whole series of other utensils are made of meta-bauxite, such as the hammer (?) (3 right). Also frequently found are fragments made of grey, banded obsidian: small blades (5), a drill (6 left) and a projectile point (?) (6 m). The only completely preserved utensil made of flint up to now is a small, round so-called thumbnail scraper (6 right). This item is of special importance because it can be classified chronologically with some certainty as dating to the Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic periods.

1) View of Pinarlık from the South.