Representations of animals are extremely rare in Latmic rock art. Up to now, not more than seven examples are known. They only occur as a sole pictorial motif in the rock painting of Çobanlar Mevkii (1-6). As a rule, the animals are shown in a side view. The view of the animal from above in the Karadere ‘cave’ picture is therefore unusual, provided this interpretation is correct (see above).
The species of individual animals is difficult to determine. Apparently they are not meant to be wild animals, such as bears or mountain leopards, which existed in the Latmos mountains until the beginning of the last century, also not wild boars, which still populate the mountains today, just as unlikely fallow deer and wild goats, which featured on the menu of the then inhabitants of the Latmos Mountains, as has been proved. They were probably more likely domesticated animals, perhaps dogs, as in the Çobanlar Mevkii rock painting (1-5), or other domestic animals, such as in the pictures in the Bafa Konağı overhang.
Site: Çobanlar Mevkii
1) Area surrounding the painted rock.