On the northern shore of Lake Bafa, opposite the Twin Islands (İkizada), the remains of nine rock paintings were discovered (1.2 No. 1-9). The best preserved one is located on the roof of a ‘cave’ (2 No. 7. 3-6). It probably shows a wedding feast: At the centre of the representation is a large male and female couple who are being approached from the right at an angle by two groups of three dancing (?) women separated by a man. To the left of the couple, a symmetrically arranged group of three seated (?) women; below the women a small recumbent (?) male figure. The common bond of the various groups is additionally emphasised by straight, bent or zigzag lines above their heads.
Site: İkizada
1) Aerial photo of the northern shore of Lake Bafa with the Twin Islands (İkizada) (Photo Peter Grundwald).