In the valley of the Kavalan, a side valley of the Söğütdere, six rock paintings were discovered, three of which are to be presented here. One decorates the inside wall of a cave-like weathered rock (1-3). A female figure in profile facing to the right is depicted with a loincloth decorated with a stroke and a male member (?) at the point of attachment of the legs (3-5). The second rock painting is located under an overhang (6). The better preserved part of the picture shows as a main motif a group of three with a woman in the middle and two men at her side (7.8). The site of the third picture consists of a small rock lying at a slant (9), whose dome-like hollowed underside is painted with several human figures of different sizes, two hands and various ornaments (10-12). The figures are arranged as a single picture, couple or group of three; the women wear in part loincloths decorated with different patterns; some have been given a male member (?). In addition, it is remarkable that the contour, in part also the interior details of some figures, furthermore the hands and the stroke above the head of the small female figure in the upper field of the picture are framed by white dots. A garland of white flowers is painted above the small female figure and in front of the large female figure to its right (11.12).
Site: Kavalan
1) View of the valley of the Kavalan and the ‘cave’ (see arrow) from the North, in the background the mountain peak.